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I am deeply concerned that the majority of the Malaysian public do not understand the significance of data privacy.

In healthcare, the use of WhatsApp by doctors and nurses to discuss patient management is widespread, even though it is easy to forward messages wrongly to non-clinicians.

More importantly, under PDPA 2010’s Security principle 9.(1)- such use by clinicians to handle sensitive information is illegal. This was further clarified by MOH’s own circular in 2016.

Recently, a healthcare consultant said to me that data privacy is a Western concept and in Malaysia, people shouldn’t be bothering themselves with it. Do you agree?

I am hoping that Malaysia’s Minister of Communications and Multimedia will put measures in place to raise awareness and to enforce legal practice of data sharing, especially in healthcare. Now that alternative is available in Malaysia for secure clinical messaging, there is really no excuse for healthcare professionals to risk patients’ health information by continuing to use WhatsApp.

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