Bringing a app that helps doctors and patients is a good thing, but how do you instill change in the current situation? Dr Ezam explains.


Dr Ezam was on Health Matters programme by Astro Awani, Dishen Kumar did a fantastic job by thinking outside the box to cover the importance of how clinicians should protect patient health information when managing patients with their team every day.

In this episode, he explored how insecure and inefficient the widespread use of social media (i.e. WhatsApp) by clinicians to discuss patient cases. Innovation in secure clinical messaging is now available and must be embraced by all healthcare professionals, hospital management and the Ministry of Health.

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This article highlights how millennial doctors are transforming healthcare in how they work by using technology to deal with the challenges faced in hospitals due to increasing demand and expectation.

One significant change in particular is about how healthcare teams are moving from from a paternalistic structure to a partnership model. This transformation can be aided through better communication about patient management that breaks hierarchical barrier which has for a long time impeded the speed in delivering patient care.

Recently, it was very encouraging to see that millennial doctors are busy downloading Circles.MD app to manage patient care every day with their teams, the ‘boss’ and with other specialties.

Streamlining medical decisions and expediting care are now a reality.