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I am deeply concerned that the majority of the Malaysian public do not understand the significance of data privacy.

In healthcare, the use of WhatsApp by doctors and nurses to discuss patient management is widespread, even though it is easy to forward messages wrongly to non-clinicians.

More importantly, under PDPA 2010’s Security principle 9.(1)- such use by clinicians to handle sensitive information is illegal. This was further clarified by MOH’s own circular in 2016.

Recently, a healthcare consultant said to me that data privacy is a Western concept and in Malaysia, people shouldn’t be bothering themselves with it. Do you agree?

I am hoping that Malaysia’s Minister of Communications and Multimedia will put measures in place to raise awareness and to enforce legal practice of data sharing, especially in healthcare. Now that alternative is available in Malaysia for secure clinical messaging, there is really no excuse for healthcare professionals to risk patients’ health information by continuing to use WhatsApp.

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It has been very reassuring to hear that stakeholders and hospital management are finally putting measures to ensure that doctors and nurses are not using social media (WhatsApp) to discuss patient management because numerous misuses have been reported and they are in contravene with PDPA 2010.

Clinical messaging app that meets Digital Health standards to protect patient health information is now available as the alternative. Time to change.

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Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad, Minister of Health, Malaysia this morning opened APHM conference – the biggest healthcare exhibition in the country taking place over 3 days.

This is at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

To find out how healthcare professionals and hospitals can improve patient care through secure clinical messaging, Circles.MD is at booth 123 to demonstrate how this can be achieved.

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This is exactly why WhatsApp is not suitable and can be illegal for clinical messaging. Unfortunately, 99% of doctors and nurses use social media daily to discuss patient management.

There are so many anecdotes from hospital doctors. Recently, a consultant told me that a patient’s clinical photo was accidentally forwarded outside their group. The photo was then quickly shared to falsely obtain donation from WhatsApp and Facebook. The patient found out and sued the hospital.

The good news is secure clinical messaging app with productivity tools is now available as alternative for clinicians. They must make the change now.

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UMMC doctors are certainly leading the movement to switch from WhatsApp to using secure clinical messaging with productivity tools to improve team communication and patient care.

An additional 30 doctors have now signed up! Millennial doctors are the driving force in this change and empowered by their progressive chief of ophthalmology.

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In one month, clinicians from 17 locations have started to switch from WhatsApp to use secure clinical messaging and productivity tool to improve patient care through better team communication.

More awareness and training is required for healthcare professionals to protect patient health information and work smarter to improve patient outcome.

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There is no doubt that IPC (interprofessional collaboration) can improve patient safety, healthcare delivery and reduce costs.

However, there are many obstacles to action this process. It would take good clinical team leaders and digital health platforms to enable the success of its implementation.

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Source : Health IT Outcomes

It’s time that healthcare management work together with healthcare professionals to improve poor communication which heavily impacts on patient lives and medical lawsuits.

This report by CRICO shows that 37% of severe injuries (including deaths) result from miscommunication.

There must be an interface between data captured by EMR and HCP’s communication to avoid mistakes and streamline decision making so that clinical decisions can be made more accurately and expedite care.

A new age of data sharing is needed.

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UMMC doctors are leading the way to improve patient care through secure clinical messaging for patient management! 32 doctors from Surgical Division signed up yesterday to use Circles.MD app, supported by their dean and head of department. Well done to them for embracing digital health technology.

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What a wonderful news for patients! iPhone users can now have their health records and care plan in the palm of their hands. Although this is only available in the US, the move would pave the way for ubiquitous patient handheld records.

Developers, EHR providers, clinicians, hospital management and department of healths, should all take note and plan ahead for this innovation to improve patient care.

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